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  •  I received the product and I think it is fantastic. I am in the process of showing our team to get there opinions. If we decided to go with the product, we will contact your distributer network. Thank you for the sample. 

    Jeff W - Network/IT Support - Insurance - United States (The) - 03/2010

  •  Thank you for sending us a demo kit. We are very enthusiastic about your product. There’s a very big change that we will purchase Patchsee cables in the near future. Met vriendelijke groet,  

    Tom K - ICT Officer - University Medical Centre - Netherlands (The) - 02/2010

  •  Hello Yes I received the demo kit! I am very impressed the only problem I have is the extra price tag so we have to analyze the benefits but it is very clever idea! Many Thanks.  

    Gavin W - Purchasing Manager - Flooring Industry - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

  •  I think this is a brilliant idea and can't see any problem in distributing them amount my clients when doing new sites or comms upgrades etc. I would appriciate a price list to be sent to me as well as a few more demo kits so I can distribute them amount my staff for there use also. If this is possible please send them to me ASAP. I hope to be using patchsee on a regular basis once my clients have the knowledge for how evolutionary this product is and how this will change the IT department costs etc. Many Thanks  

    Billy W - Managing Director - Installer - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

  •  We received the kit thank you. Our team like the idea and we are currently obtaining quotes for a small number to evaulate further. Regards  

    Jeremy W - Head of ICT - Services - United Kingdom (The) - 10/2009

Free demonstration kit
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