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  •  Hi Frederic, Thanks for the sample kit. I must say that it is a very interesting product. Do you have any distributor in Malaysia? What is the price? Thank you for your attention. 

    Andrew Y - General Manager - - Malaysia - 05/2011

  •  Hi Mr. Fredric, I have received the sample kit and I must see say the quality and innovation is awesome I really appreciate your technical advances in patch cords. Not only I discovered the robustness of quality and material of your product I also found it very useful in every networking application . In future I will recommend your intelligent patch cord to my company official I hope they will also give a positive response and should use your product in coming projects. 

    Bilal B - Field Engineer - System Integrator - United Arab Emirates (The) - 05/2011

  •  Hello, I’ve ordered that sample kit because some of my clients are interested in that kind of solutions. At that moment I don’t get feedback from them. Personally I think that it is interesting solution that I could recommend for my clients.  

    Adam M - Managing Director - System Integrator - Poland - 05/2011

  •  Hello Frederic, We get to know about your product through internet search and we have already became a customer of PatchSee through your local vendor from Doha, Qatar called “XXX “. I would rate it as an excellent solution for network infrastructure and team. It gives us a perfect solution for tracking down the cables in a professional way rather than messing up the rack cabling. Once again thanks a bunch for a solution for a long time headache of managing the cabling infrastructure. Thanks n' regards 

    Aju T - Network Services - Gas Operating Company - Qatar - 05/2011

  •  Hi Frederic Thank you so much for the sample kit. I am very impressed with your product and it certainly has a very useful integrated feature for identification in wiring closets. I actually have a few existing patchsee cables in my data center. This comes from the time we were previously known as the French company Alstom South Africa. We are now rebranded as Actom but continue to have a good working technology partnership and relationship with Alstom France and internationally. I plan to possibly motivate a budget to convert all my cabling to patchsee in the near future. Once again, Thank you for an excellent, practical and useful product. Thanks  

    Shaheen B - Projects and Proposals Control - Industry Multinational - South Africa - 04/2011

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