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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Thanks for the free kit I’m impressed with the cable But i‘m not sure it’s anything we going to use anytime soon..  

    Steen R - Systemadministrator - IT Server Management - Public company - Denmark - 03/2011

  •  Dear Mr Frederic, I receive the demo kit and i just place an order throught my networking partner of patchsee cables to put order to our network racks It is beautiful if in the future you will make fibre channel patch with the same tecnology.. 

    Riccardo C - IT Infrastructure & OSS Specialist - World leader in safety and regulation valves business - Italy - 02/2011

  •  Thank you for the demonstration kit it was very helpful displaying your product and I can say we are very impressed with how it feels and works. I would say we are very interested in your product but as always there is the question of price :-) We are interested in both the short versions for cabling within a cabinet and the datacenter length cables. If we could get a price that would be excellent.  

    Mikael J - IT-Consultant - Administration - Norway - 12/2010

  •  Thank you for the demonstration kit. We found it interesting, and a nice solution. We will show it to our clients, it makes maintaining the patch cables easier.  

    Dávid Miklós T - IT Director - Data Network Integrator - Hungary - 12/2010

  •  Hello, I've recived demo-kit, thank you very much. I think it's great idea to add lights to the patchcord, I was impressed. It's very useful in datacenter. 

    Lech K - Network admin - Marketing consultant - Poland - 12/2010

Free demonstration kit
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