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RJ45 tested, approved

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  •  Hi Frederic, Many thanks for your sample kit. I am very happy with your solution and I am thinking about ordering some cables soon (I just need to finalise our requirements and work out how many cables I need) Regards, 

    Liam W - Site Support Analyst - Food Multinational - Australia - 06/2011

  •  Having great fun showing it to all our clients. We are in the process of upgrading and new site installs so I will hopefully get an ok on a couple of some of these cables. 

    Wynand F - Network/IT Support - System Integrator - France - 06/2011

  •  Hello, Mr. DALLES, I received the sample kit with the cable few days ago. I don't had much time, but I tested it very carefully and I'm impressed of your innovation. Definitely I'll use your product in the future if I have project with loose financing. The only cons that I found of your product is that it is not very cheap, but this is normal because you present high quality product with interesting innovation. Thank you, If I have any questions I'll contact you or I'll talk directly with your local distributor 

    Alexander V - Manager - Installer - Bulgaria - 06/2011

  •  Dear Mr. frederic, I successfully received both shipments, 2 demo kit around. The product 'very functional, I can finally show it to the final customer. 

    Daniele B - Account Manager - Installer - Italy - 05/2011

  •  Hi Laetitia. I┤m fine, thank you. Summer is on its way and it is a lovely weather outside, the snow is gone... :-) By the way, do you live in the south of France? Nice weather? No, unfortunately is the installation not finished yet. There has been high focus on some other projects so we haven't had time to finish it of. I promised you a picture and it will come as soon as we have something to show... Yes, I┤ve worked with your cables before and I am very satisfied with them. Now my colleagues can't be without them either... Oh, the pimp my rack challenge..., but our racks are already pimped out with your cables ;-) Best regards  

    Jesper A - IT - - Sweden - 05/2011

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