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  •  Hello Mr Dalles, I already use your solutions and find innovative and interested.. Our current supplier is ANIXTER. What other distributors in Italy and what discounts we can apply? thanks Best Regards 

    Stefano C - System Engineer - System Integrator - Italy - 06/2011

  •  Hi Frederic, Many thanks for your sample kit. I am very happy with your solution and I am thinking about ordering some cables soon (I just need to finalise our requirements and work out how many cables I need) Regards, 

    Liam W - Site Support Analyst - Food Multinational - Australia - 06/2011

  •  Having great fun showing it to all our clients. We are in the process of upgrading and new site installs so I will hopefully get an ok on a couple of some of these cables. 

    Wynand F - Network/IT Support - System Integrator - France - 06/2011

  •  Hello, Mr. DALLES, I received the sample kit with the cable few days ago. I don't had much time, but I tested it very carefully and I'm impressed of your innovation. Definitely I'll use your product in the future if I have project with loose financing. The only cons that I found of your product is that it is not very cheap, but this is normal because you present high quality product with interesting innovation. Thank you, If I have any questions I'll contact you or I'll talk directly with your local distributor 

    Alexander V - Manager - Installer - Bulgaria - 06/2011

  •  Dear Mr. frederic, I successfully received both shipments, 2 demo kit around. The product 'very functional, I can finally show it to the final customer. 

    Daniele B - Account Manager - Installer - Italy - 05/2011

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